Sky Eyes

My eyes tell my brain you are vast and distant.  They say you host fickle white company that sometimes grumbles and sometimes cries and sometimes dances in parades with unicorns and giraffes. They say you are the hanging rod for the sun, the moon, the stars.  They tell me you can command rainbows to be manly enough to span mountains and ladylike enough to span meadows.  Or the other way around, though it hardly matters since it is only a story my eyes tell my brain.

When my sight bypasses human perception, I know for a fact you are far vaster and much closer. I know you are not merely sky, or host, or rod, or commander.  You are the entire universe inside of me out there attending school.  You learn, I grow.  I learn, you grow.  Soon we will both grow so great we fuse together as one…again.


(photo by me, Sidhpur, India, February 2012)


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