The Good Life

You do not have to believe in God.  If He shows up in your life and offers you some nice chocolate or a few sage words of advice, then there is your proof.  Until then, belief is by default a choice.  You can buy your own sweets and scrabble your own wisdom together while you wait for death or a eureka moment to prove whether all that energy you spent choosing to believe or disbelieve was worth it. 

Personally, I believe in God for two reasons.  First, I have seen and met Him on several occasions, and aside from having the indescribable presence of Papa Almighty, He’s also really funny, and that level of realness just sealed the deal for me.

I will preface the second reason I believe in God by saying that I think of Him only as Good, since that is what I know Him purely to be.  He is the purely Good energy from which I have clear memory of evolving, the purely Good energy from which I see all of life emanating, and the purely Good energy I see embodied in and permeating through every being.  He, and therefore we, are Good.  I believe – and know – this to be true.

Many people, myself included, see that our world is in a place of great spiritual awakening; a time in which more and more of us are remembering our inherent Goodness.  We see great numbers of people everywhere coming together cohesively and creatively in pure Goodness, quietly countering what the sensationalist media would have us believe about the state of our global well-being.  We see a loving, unified mentality of Good ‘oneness’ blossoming and we are excited.

It is no surprise this perceived awakening comes at a time when we can all connect to each other through the internet.  People from countries all around the world will read this very message for that reason.  When numerous people share in a powerful swell of Good, there is a magnificent energy surge created on this planet through our collective resonance.  And that surge is helping to fuel more awakening.  Each person’s Goodness is helping our collective Goodness rise up, and vice versa. 

Now, just as you don’t have to believe in God, you don’t have to believe in my words.  I will take no offense, I assure you.  But just in case you think you might want to, maybe, perhaps, just a little, wonder if what I say is true, here’s an offer: Watch this video all the way through and think honestly about how you feel while witnessing what takes place.  I think what you will feel will be Good. And I suspect you will also feel you were part of a collective Good much larger than yourself. You can choose to believe that feeling is God or just the warm fuzzies, but you don’t have to wait for death or a eureka moment to know that awakening to this kind of oneness would make for one hell of a beautiful world.


One thought on “The Good Life

  1. You made my day Mary! Mind blowing video. See God in every voice, in every face. Magnificent creativity, incredible job! The music takes me to God God, to His Presence! Amazing talent! Thank you you!

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