Modern Dance

I see threads of remembrance tied around floating hitch posts in my mind. Knotted on one end with tight bows, the other ends dangle down and tangle around memories and beliefs.

I see I have mindlessly plucked and tugged at these threads over the years, lifting them this way and that to become a marionette ever dancing in the present to beats of the past.  Pluck, tug, lift and swing.


I trace the weave of each thread.  I see clearly now fibers of doubt, insecurity, fear, anger, resentment, blame, frustration and confusion.  As understanding seeps into my awareness the threads slowly begin to fray and grow slack.  Forgiveness and compassion gently wiggle and pull until finally the knot slips from the center of one bow, then another and another.  I watch silently, gratefully, as one by one every thread falls away.

I stand tall and limber in the present now and listen for the pure beats of love to move me.


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