Let’s Get Together

Today I officially launched my new website: unwittingmystic.com!  With this tool I can finally begin filling in dates and details for my summer book tour in the US.  Please click on the Blog tab for more information, then invite me to your town so we can incite some love, peace and joy in your community!

I will be blogging from my website now, so be sure to follow me there!



Striking a Nerve

Hundreds of readers in twenty-one countries in just five weeks – with no advertising.  THANK YOU!

ImageWord of Unwitting Mystic: Evolution of The Message of Love is spreading fast, and around the world early responses have been absolutely fantastic.  Ordinary people from all walks of life are feeling inspired, excited, and relieved to find such a powerfully resonant message of hope.

There’s clearly an exposed nerve of anticipatory change on this planet, and I’m striking it with an unusually large mallet of Divine love.

If you haven’t seen what the fuss is about yet, check it out on Amazon.com for Kindle and iPad e-readers or download it in PDF format, either of which you can do here on the right side panel of this blog.

After reading the book, please consider a donation to help me expand my message of hope to others.  Please also share your thoughts here or on Amazon.com or in a private email (I read all of them), and then help spread the word.  The more the merrier on this exciting journey.

Immense love, peace and joy to all.