Envisioning a New World: Keepers of Innocence

*This is dedicated to all those in Connecticut who in their hour of darkness remind us that we are the light*

In media reports about killings, the word “innocent” is used primarily in reference to women and children, implying subliminally that the death of men is somehow more fathomable because they are not inherently as innocent as women and children.

In mass killings, “innocent children” get top billing over all others, implying subliminally that the death of any adult is more fathomable because any adult is not inherently as innocent as a child.

Fair enough.  If we feel compelled to decide worthiness of life, history tells us there have not been a lot of women, and certainly not a lot of children, causing problems in the world.

But ‘death of innocence’ sparks our emotional outrage and upheaval from a much deeper place than just identifying who is more or less deserving of life or death.  It comes from the fierce helplessness we feel in seeing the world reflecting back our own loss of innocence.


The African philosophy of Ubuntu says that we become who we are through each other; one reflects what another sees in, or makes of, them.  This philosophy tells us we have a sacred responsibility for each other and that protecting the innocence of one is everyone’s work if innocence is to thrive anywhere.

In our frenetic, pressure-bombarded world, as adults we understandably become so overwhelmed that we forget that WE are the keepers of innocence.  Having had own child-like spirit taken away, we forget then that every child learns to hold on to or let go of their innocence based on what we show them.  They learn from every expression we offer, every word we speak, every motive we evidence, every visual we create, every lyric we sing, every stance we take, every blame or forgiveness we extend.

When tragedy such as a school shooting strikes, we don’t stop to think about all the ways the perpetrator learned to forget his innocence.  We are quick to try to identify a single cause to blame, then we get on our bandwagons and demand change.  Gun control.  Mental health services.  Bullying.  Parental involvement.

In our search for answers and comfort we look everywhere but at the possibility that the single cause of any manmade tragedy is that on our forgotten innocence WE raised a perpetrator in a world riddled with fear instead of love.

When war, killing, bullying, competition, separation, performance, greed and revenge are glorified in every manner of entertainment, education, media, marketing, religion and history telling – and we support these glorifications with our time, attention and money – blaming gun control and lack of mental health services is a like saying the fork caused the holiday weight gain and we lack therapy to cope with our flatware problem.

The best thing any of us can do in the face of a tragedy like what happened in Connecticut is to take a good honest look at where we as individuals further any measure of fear or violence or suppression of kindness, compassion and individual spirit in our world.  ANY MEASURE.  And commit then to transform it to love.

This is how we restore our own innocence as well as ensure that our children’s remain blessedly intact.

In the new world I envision, we have all learned the lessons of those who sacrificed their life to show us that darkness calls for our light.  And we all remember, as last, that we are the keepers of innocence.


Envisioning a New World: Emergence

In my previous post I featured Marianne Williamson and her book, A Return to Love.  Today Marianne has a piece in the HuffingtonPost.com that says everything I was going to talk about in this post, which I intended to be about the emergence of the Christ through each of us.  I see no need to re-word or repeat what she has said so beautifully.  Enjoy!


Envisioning a New World: Awake

I have a vivid memory of me as a young child standing in my grandmother’s front yard in Clovis, New Mexico, staring up at the hot desert sun and pondering the question of why people go to church to learn about Jesus when he was right in their heart.  I actually remember touching my heart and whispering, “Why can’t they hear him in here?” 

What prompted this pondering was the constant judgment and damnation I kept hearing from all the “Christians.”  The Jesus they were finding in church was not the same Jesus I had in my heart.  Mine was always, without exception, kind, compassionate and unconditionally loving of everyone.

I learned to dislike the churchgoers’ Jesus.  And eventually the noise of the world drowned out the Jesus in my heart. 

In journeying back into my heart with great focus and intention these past 18 months, I have come to realize there is something more than a beautiful man named Jesus in there.  There is me, waking up in his arms. 

I have, as Marianne Williamson says, woken up and returned to love.


Years before her famous book club, Oprah Winfrey said on national television that she had never before been so moved by any book as she was by Marianne Williamson’s book A Return to Love.  She was so moved in fact, she bought 1000 copies to give to friends and family.

In the introduction to her book, Williamson says:

“When we were born, we were programmed perfectly.  We had a natural tendency to focus on love.  Our imaginations were creative and flourishing, and we knew how to use them.  We were connected to a world much richer than the one we connect to now, a world full of enchantment and a sense of the miraculous.”

What happens from there, she says, is that we were taught to think unnaturally and focus away from love.

“We were taught to think thoughts like competition, struggle, sickness, finite resources, limitation, guilt, bad, death, scarcity, and loss… We were taught that things like grades, being good enough, money, and doing things the right way, are more important than love… We were taught to see the world the way that others had come to see it.  It’s as though, as soon as got here, we were given a sleeping pill.”

If love is what we were born with and fear is what we have learned, then the most important thing we can ever do for our own well-being and the well-being of our planet is WAKE UP!

There is a new world waiting for just that miracle.


So how does one wake up?  Well, for starters it might be helpful to read Marianne’s book or re-read it if it has been a while. 

But more importantly, the real first step is a willingness to look at the world inside and around you with awakened questioning.  Start with yourself, looking honestly at everything you believe, think, say and do.  Fear or love-based?  Find the courage and resources to start removing all fear from your thoughts and beliefs, and what follows in your words and deeds will be love. 

Look carefully at the underlying messages and motives of your faith and your government.  Fear or love-based?  Use the discerning guidance of your heart to know the difference…and trust love.  If you don’t find the motives that feel right in your leaders, you may realize you are actually the love you and others have been waiting for.

Look carefully at what influences your opinions, spending, education and priorities.  Fear or love-based influence?  Are you being manipulated into conformity or encouraged to express your uniquely true self?  If you find yourself holding back on expressing your own glorious voice or choice for fear of what others might say or expect, this is a sure sign there’s a magnificent YOU pleading to wake up and live freely.

As you begin to wake up and the fog of fear begins to clear, you will remember more and more of who you are, why you are here, and what you are capable of experiencing and manifesting through love.  Your motivation doesn’t need to be finding Jesus.  In fact, he said the love we are looking for is inside us, like his love was within him.  His source of love and ours are the same, and we are here on this Earth to experience BEing that love.

So, in the new world I envision, we are all magnificently, gloriously, beamingly, wide awake.  And I can’t wait to see the new you there – and the new us, together.



My Top 5 CHRISTmas List


1. I wish for everyone to remember they are love.

For those who can’t remember they are love, I wish them blind faith in that possibility.

For those who can’t have blind faith in that possibility, I wish them friends and family and circumstances that cause them to suspect that possibility.

For those who can’t suspect that possibility, I wish them the ability to feel my love, and that the power of that resonance will tell of their truth.

2. I wish for everyone to wake up Christmas morning (or before) and realize Christ consciousness, regardless of what they call it.  Call it feeling the collective potential for goodness, call it seeing the potential for uplifting change, call it milk and cookies for the soul.  These are only words.  My wish is not for words but for awareness; that all may be aware of the truthful and peaceful and healing feeling that is unconditional love…which is Christ consciousness.

3. I wish for everyone the courage and willpower to drop every single thought, word and action that is not purely love.  I wish for them to see clearly the frivolity of any moment of this precious life that does not promote love inwardly or outwardly.

4. I wish for everyone to unlock their wildest imagination and dream a new world into existence.  No more bandaids on old problems; all the old ways and old problems no longer exist.  Let us all bid a grateful farewell to ways of BEing that others created and design a new world of our own imaginative making.

(Me, I will imagine I can fly.  I will imagine I am pure light.  I will imagine a world of abundance without money; a world where children teach and adults listen; a world where no form of entertainment requires an arc of conflict to be popular; a world where prisons and wars and competition and all the ‘isms’ that separate us are long gone.  I will imagine a world of gratitude and equality and fantastic colorful co-creations with God, with others and with all of life.)

5.  I wish for everyone to realize that all of these wishes are possible.  Since this is a CHRISTmas list, let us remember it was Jesus who reportedly said, “With God all things are possible.” He also reportedly said that the Kingdom of God is within, and that we can only see this Kingdom of God if we are born again.

So my ultimate wish then is for you, beloved brothers and sisters, to go within and find that Kingdom of God.  While in that precious space, may you realize you are love; may you find the Christ consciousness; may you find the courage to let go of every bit of that which is not love; and may you be joyfully born again into a spectacular new world of you own making.

When you get there, look for me.  I’ll be the flash of pure light flying nearby.

Modern Dance

I see threads of remembrance tied around floating hitch posts in my mind. Knotted on one end with tight bows, the other ends dangle down and tangle around memories and beliefs.

I see I have mindlessly plucked and tugged at these threads over the years, lifting them this way and that to become a marionette ever dancing in the present to beats of the past.  Pluck, tug, lift and swing.


I trace the weave of each thread.  I see clearly now fibers of doubt, insecurity, fear, anger, resentment, blame, frustration and confusion.  As understanding seeps into my awareness the threads slowly begin to fray and grow slack.  Forgiveness and compassion gently wiggle and pull until finally the knot slips from the center of one bow, then another and another.  I watch silently, gratefully, as one by one every thread falls away.

I stand tall and limber in the present now and listen for the pure beats of love to move me.

The Good Life

You do not have to believe in God.  If He shows up in your life and offers you some nice chocolate or a few sage words of advice, then there is your proof.  Until then, belief is by default a choice.  You can buy your own sweets and scrabble your own wisdom together while you wait for death or a eureka moment to prove whether all that energy you spent choosing to believe or disbelieve was worth it. 

Personally, I believe in God for two reasons.  First, I have seen and met Him on several occasions, and aside from having the indescribable presence of Papa Almighty, He’s also really funny, and that level of realness just sealed the deal for me.

I will preface the second reason I believe in God by saying that I think of Him only as Good, since that is what I know Him purely to be.  He is the purely Good energy from which I have clear memory of evolving, the purely Good energy from which I see all of life emanating, and the purely Good energy I see embodied in and permeating through every being.  He, and therefore we, are Good.  I believe – and know – this to be true.

Many people, myself included, see that our world is in a place of great spiritual awakening; a time in which more and more of us are remembering our inherent Goodness.  We see great numbers of people everywhere coming together cohesively and creatively in pure Goodness, quietly countering what the sensationalist media would have us believe about the state of our global well-being.  We see a loving, unified mentality of Good ‘oneness’ blossoming and we are excited.

It is no surprise this perceived awakening comes at a time when we can all connect to each other through the internet.  People from countries all around the world will read this very message for that reason.  When numerous people share in a powerful swell of Good, there is a magnificent energy surge created on this planet through our collective resonance.  And that surge is helping to fuel more awakening.  Each person’s Goodness is helping our collective Goodness rise up, and vice versa. 

Now, just as you don’t have to believe in God, you don’t have to believe in my words.  I will take no offense, I assure you.  But just in case you think you might want to, maybe, perhaps, just a little, wonder if what I say is true, here’s an offer: Watch this video all the way through and think honestly about how you feel while witnessing what takes place.  I think what you will feel will be Good. And I suspect you will also feel you were part of a collective Good much larger than yourself. You can choose to believe that feeling is God or just the warm fuzzies, but you don’t have to wait for death or a eureka moment to know that awakening to this kind of oneness would make for one hell of a beautiful world.

Joyful Noise

I can feel the pressure of your thoughts all the way over here.  You say you cannot talk about it, and yet a roar pushes at the air between us, begging sound to give it flight.  I search frantically for clues to which thoughts could possibly want to be suppressed with such force.  I find nothing.  Again. 

The days pass, the pressure rises and the air grows thick with frustrated silent roars that have now begat silent rage.  There is no space inside or outside to escape the constant whoosh of all this impending damnation circling my waiting ears.  I know without doubt all the kindness and compassion in my being will never be enough to defuse such well-pressurized resentment.  And I accept it is not my job to do so.

So this is it, then.  I love me, you love you, and silence everywhere deserves joyful noise.   

Sky Eyes

My eyes tell my brain you are vast and distant.  They say you host fickle white company that sometimes grumbles and sometimes cries and sometimes dances in parades with unicorns and giraffes. They say you are the hanging rod for the sun, the moon, the stars.  They tell me you can command rainbows to be manly enough to span mountains and ladylike enough to span meadows.  Or the other way around, though it hardly matters since it is only a story my eyes tell my brain.

When my sight bypasses human perception, I know for a fact you are far vaster and much closer. I know you are not merely sky, or host, or rod, or commander.  You are the entire universe inside of me out there attending school.  You learn, I grow.  I learn, you grow.  Soon we will both grow so great we fuse together as one…again.


(photo by me, Sidhpur, India, February 2012)

Mystic in the Coke Bottle

(Note: this is about the moment of ‘coming back’ from one of my early mystical experiences.)

I am squeezed back into a tight, tight life. I stumble to find my balance, open my eyes and know from the sharp shapes and muted hues that I am back in the physical realm. I hurry to throw myself against the glass pressing fast against my mind. I lean my cheek against the cold transparent wall, bang my fists thud, thud, thud, and cry out, “Pleeease noooo! I don’t belong here! Pleeeease!”

Every word I speak inside this Coke bottle echoes back in deadened, distorted syllables. The thick, wavy glass obscures my view; I can only see what is right in front of me. My physical senses feel validated and worthy in such close quarters. My spirit, however, refuses to yield to such limitation. Thank goodness, for it alone knows the way home.