My Book is Now Available on

Woohoo! My book is now available on for all you iPad, iPhone and Kindle e-readers!

Early responses have been incredible.  Here’s just a sampling of what folks are saying…

“I truly have been rattled to the core in such a way that words can’t describe.”

“I cannot put into words how truly amazing reading your book is.”

“I love, love love your book. Beautiful book, beautiful writing, beautiful story!”

“A riveting and quick read.”

“I can honestly say it may be one of the most beautiful books I’ve ever read ~ and I have read A LOT of books in my life!”

“I am in awe. I loved every word.”

“It feels like another light has been brightly illuminated in the world.”

“Unable to stop reading it!”

“I have read it twice and will read it again and again.”

Visit here: to get your e-reader copy of click on the link to the right to get your PDF copy today.

If my work has inspired you please consider a donation at to help me continue this journey and invite me to your area for a speaking opportunity to help spread the word!  Much love and gratitude to all.



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